Kinder Mission: “the Family Home Daycare”

KINDER MISSION “the Family Home Daycare” was formed in 2014 through Prabalini better known as Peggy in the community. She mainly grew up in Germany. As German speakers, she and her husband Karan wanted to teach their own children the German language and its culture. They also wanted to give their children additional language and music education.
Therefore, the concept was created by Peggy for her own children: A custom learning place was born: KINDER MISSION a place for German, Spanish, English, and music education in a happy playful environment.

About the Founder

Peggy Prabalini Parameshwaran

CEO and Founder

I am a born Sri Lankan in the Tamil society but largely grew up in Germany after my family and I had to flee from our home country due to political turmoil, seeking asylum as a refugee. I lived there for 23 years and am very thankful to the German government for my free quality education. Of course, life was not always easy and I had to overcome a lot of hurdles growing up in a very different culture and language. Therefore, I am not new to being part of a foreign minority but I learned to come stronger out of conflict and other difficulties. Any kind of experience, may it be positive or negative, helped me strengthen my character and personality., I have never forgotten my past and nowadays I try to help others with my experience and knowledge to make their life easier, as much as I can. I am now who I am because of good people’s support and love. This is why I want to give back to society and the reason I ultimately founded KINDER MISSION with focus on the German language to aide Albert Einstein Academies families with homework assignments and extra language support., I established the KINDER MISSION program on the Albert Einstein Academies campus as a Prime Time after-school program that successfully services a growing community of families. I see as a privilege that my own children are part of this community. My two boys are in Kindergarten and 2nd grade and are enjoying the German language program a lot. There is no doubt that a language spoken on a daily basis will improve the children’s comprehension. This is also our goal for KINDER MISSION., Many non-German speaking families are not able to provide their children support with finishing up their homework assignments and to help them increase their German language skills. KINDER MISSION’s fulfills exactly this need. These days families often consist of 2 full time working parents and already spend very little time together. It is our goal to finish all homework assignments so that families can spend more quality time together, without the daily homework struggle. KINDER MISSION was created the way that all or most homework is done before students go home to their families.

Our Community

Kinder Mission’s central location makes us easily accessible for many surrounding communities such as South Park, North Park, Golden Hill, Downtown, Grant Hill, Est Village, and City Heights. All of which are within a 5mile radius. Many of our families even enjoy walking or biking over to our Center.

Our aim is to be accessible to the largest community possible, and to form a diverse, yet inclusive community.

Of advantage here is not only our central location, our trilingual concept covers a very large part of San Diego’s citizens. Our goal is to connect different languages & cultures, and to include diversity to show our children that we are all different but share very similar values, feeling, and emotions as human beings of the same big and beautiful community.