KINDER MISSION offers Camps for Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer break. We love making crafts, reading German books, watching German movies, dance, yoga and going to the park with your child. Please see flyers for more information.


July 25th – August 19th

For students ages K to 5th Grade

German, music, stories, reading, crafts, and dance.

  • Location:
    • Kinder Mission Learning Center, 1947 30th Street, San Diego

KinderMission Preschool
3003 A Street
San Diego, CA 92102

Office Hours:

Enroll Now!

Enrollment fee: $30 (non-refundable)

Please fill out the form below and put a check made out to Kinder Mission in the mailbox in the AEA office. You may also print out and mail in a completed form by using the “Download PDF Form” button below.

    Private Tutoring on Saturdays / Sundays at KM Learning Center or online Tutoring
  • (if selecting 2, 3, or 4 days)
  • By Typing Your Name and Selecting Submit Below, You are Agreeing to the Terms Listed Below
  • I permit KINDERMISSION to transport my child to parks and field trips and to walk through the neighborhood.
  • I permit my child to play on the AEA campus and AEA playground under supervision.
  • Please send us details of any food allergies your child has.
  • I grant permission to take pictures and recordings of my child and I understand that they might be used for marketing purposes of KINDERMISSION.
  • I acknowledge that only the parents and above mentioned adults are allowed to pick up my child. Otherwise KINDERMISSION will not release my child to leave the class and I may have to pay additional fees for extended care service.
  • I acknowledge that a late pickup fee of $2 per minute will be charged.
  • I acknowledge that a 30 day notice is required for cancellation and changes.
  • I acknowledge that I have to pay the full month tuition fee in case of changes and cancellation.
  • I acknowledge that make-up days and discounts for missing days are not possible.
  • I acknowledge that KINDERMISSION has the right to terminate the agreement at any time under certain circumstances.
  • I acknowledge that KINDERMISSION contractor and staff are not permitted to privately tutor KINDERMISSION students
  • I acknowledge that KINDERMISSION can’t guarantee the days of enrollment due to student ratio.