Giving back to Sri Lanka

Dear KM Community

As you know, KINDER MISSION is supporting several projects in Sri Lanka, where the owner and CEO, Peggy Prabalini Parameshwaran, is from. She is coordinating with a church in Sri Lanka to help people that are in need. 

Sadly during this pandemic, Sri Lanka was hit with vast flooding, and several people have lost their homes, businesses, vehicles, and everything they once had. 

Ms. Peggy is currently supporting 200 children in their needs to help further their education. She helps them with getting school supplies, shoes, school uniforms, and bicycles. The bicycle is essential for the families, as they use them for transportation from their small villages to their schools. 

The goal is to raise money to help support these needs or any other needs that the church deems the most important at that time.

If you want to donate, please klick on the button below, any donations help.

We thank you in advance,

Sincerely, The KMP Team